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Playing in casinos online has its advantages and one of these is the possibility to weed out the free casino money. By reading casino reviews and articles you can find free casino money in no time and you will also get the information you need to use them as you should. There are many ways to get more out of the casino and this article will deal with some of the most common ones.

The Welcome Bonus

In every self respecting online casino you will be meet in the door by the welcome bonus. This is the most common form of free casino money. To get it you need to make a deposit and this will be matched by a certain percentage. The welcome bonus is only given to new players and sometimes this is extended to all casinos included in the same network. The biggest welcome bonuses are usually given through a couple of deposits and to make the most of them you need to make sure to play a lot and often.

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VIP Clubs and Rewards

When you join a casino you also join their players club which can be loaded of free casino money. Through this club the casino will track your activities and make sure to keep you stimulated by offering special bonuses and hand outs with regular interval. Through the member club you will typically also get access to the most attractive tournaments with prizes that stand out as especially rewarding.

Making Friends join

If you have a lot of friends and acquaintances that also like to play casino games online you shouldn't forget about the free casino money given for having them join too. The safest way to know if a casino is good is to ask a friend. When you recommend the casino to others it is worth a lot to them. With the easy communications available through email you should really make good use of this type of bonus.

Free Tournaments

Don't forget about the tournaments and competitions in the casino that are free to join. You don't risk any of your own money by entering and you stand as good a chance as anyone else to win the prize. This is also an important form of free casino money!

Rules and Conditions

No matter what type of free casino money you are out to get you must remember that they always come with rules. The casino cannot hand out freebies without conditions or they'd be ruined by players just seeking to steal the hand out. In some cases you might be better off without the free casino money. Make sure to read the rules before you get too excited about an extraordinary deal!

You can play with free casino money by making use of bonuses, competing in free tournaments and keeping track of lucrative promotions. This is a sure way to make your online gaming both more fun and interesting.